13 Digital Marketing Tools & Alternatives For Solopreneurs and Small Businesses in 2022

Updated: Aug 5

I would be taking you through the 13 Digital Marketing tools my team and I use to stay competitive

Today, I'd be providing you with the top 13 digital marketing resources you may utilize in your company, whether you're just getting started or a sole proprietor or marketer who everyone depends on. One thing is for certain: marketing, especially when done alone, can frequently feel daunting, confusing, and unpleasant, and sometimes it just isn't an option to hire individuals to bring in additional aid and support since it would be too time- or energy-consuming or expensive. Fortunately, there are technologies at your disposal that will enable you to develop superior marketing campaigns more quickly than ever. I'll go through 13 of my favorite tools with you right now; you can start using them immediately, and they are all affordable.

Google Docs

I understand that Google Docs may not appear to be a particularly innovative or intriguing marketing tool, but let me explain how it works. The power of Google Docs boils down to two different features; it's not so much the technology itself that's the key, but rather how you use it to produce marketing for me. First of all, it makes it really simple to cooperate with others or share my work with them. Even though you could be working on this alone at the moment, there will come a time when it will be beneficial to have at least another pair of eyes check your work.

Google Docs allows me to easily format, highlight, clip, and dice my work so that I can share it across multiple platforms. For instance, one of the things I do is draft a blog post, a video script, or any other type of long-form content. Then I simply go through it, highlighting different sections that might be suitable for a tweet or a social media post, or perhaps an intriguing question to ask on an upcoming podcast. This is powerful because it means I can splice and dice and share other sections of a single piece of content to create five, ten, or even more different pieces of content. Alternatives would be OneDrive and Dropbox.


QuillBot is a spelling and grammar checker tool that ensures that your content is well spell-checked with good grammar. I mean proper grammar. It's fast and easy to install, and you can use it for pretty much anything you create from blog posts to social media posts to emails and anything else.

Of course, I don't stop with correct spelling and grammar. An alternative would be Grammarly which is equally a great platform for grammar and spelling correction.

I'm talking about proper grammar, which is why I recommend the Hemingway app as the next tool.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway App is a fantastic tool that I use to ensure that all my content is conversational and flows well.

You see, I try to keep most of my writing and content around the A Grade six Reading level. Not because people are stupid, but because using big, fancy words just complicates and confuses the message. In fact, when I write advertising, I try to keep it at around a grade four level of reading because I don't want confusing words, run-on sentences, or too many random adverbs clogging things up and making it a mess because messy doesn't generate profits. That's something I should remember.

So, once I've written down, formatted, and spellchecked my content as correct. I move on to my next tool, which has become one of the most essential tools I use in my entire digital marketing campaigns.

Social Pilot

A small but incredibly powerful piece of software known as SocialPilot, which has now become my number one secret weapon for creating more effective and time-efficient social media marketing campaigns, allows you to manage everything in one place. It also works with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Google Business, Pinterest, and YouTube twitch, as well as Facebook ads and Google ads. Tiktok ads and data center, in general, creating a post and posting it to multiple networks is as simple as clicking create posts and dragging it to the best time slot.

But what happens after you post is where things get really interesting. This is what differentiates newbies from professionals, and it all boils down to using analytics and data to help you make better informed strategic digital marketing decisions. With the metrical analytics that I get, I can manage, analyze, measure, and monitor everything that's happening and see what's working so I can do more of it and what's not working so I can change it or stop doing it entirely. Not only can I track and manage my competitors' data, but I can also evaluate my own historical postings to see what worked for a long time. Other alternatives would be Metricool, ContentStudio, and HootSuite.


Canva is a fantastic tool for creating a variety of design assets ranging from simple social media posts to infographics, presentations, banners, and much more. They have a handy background remover tool that allows you to remove the background from any of your photos, which is great for social media, as well as all kinds of different tweaks, edits, and formatting changes that you can make with the colors, fonts, and overall design so it perfectly matches your brand. They also have some photos and graphics available for use in their free plan. Other alternatives would be Visme or DesignWizard.


Pexels is a website where you can get all of your marketing images. I've been using pexels for years, and with over two million high-quality images, the chances are you'll find exactly what you're looking for, no matter what you need or what story you're trying to tell. Again, chances are you'll find a photograph there. The good news is that it is completely free. The bad news is that it is completely free. Let me explain, you see, because it's free and the quality is excellent. That means that a lot of other people are using these images as well, making it a little more difficult to stand out and differentiate yourself if you're using the same photo as everyone else.

Envato Elements

I adore and use Envato Elements on a daily basis. Envato Elements is a digital gold mine of valuable assets, containing almost everything you could possibly need to create a better and more effective digital marketing campaign. Of course, they have photos, but they also have stock videos, music, and sound effects. There are WordPress themes, graphics, and graphic templates to choose from. There are fonts, presentation templates, and even 3D objects to choose from. I use them to help me find relevant roll for my videos, and I use their photoshopped templates to help me create samples for any products or advertisements I'm working on. Other alternatives are creative market and istock.


Next is Audext. This platform allows you to convert your MP3 and MP4 files into text format. When I don't want to write or type a blog, I can simply sit down and speak to it. Audext will transcribe everything I say from A to Z. Occasionally, I could convert my podcast show into text, so before I upload a video to YouTube, I would want to write about it. Using this software, I could easily convert this to a text format. Happyscribe, Rev and GoogleDocs are also known alternatives.


Of course, you'd need a place to organize all of your work and everything else you're working on, as well as a place where you and your team could interact and have goals tracked, set, and achieved. Asana is the best place for this to happen.

This is where I set and track my personal goals. I also use Asana to break down a large project that can be simplified. To achieve the objectives of each project, I divide my tasks into simple steps. Also, I can share a project with clients and team members so they are up to date on what is going on and can accurately see the campaign's progress. Alternatives would be Notion or Monday.com.


Let's move on to my next tool, which is 1password. A 1password can literally save your life. Basically, it's a place where I can store and keep all of my passwords safe. So instead of remembering a million different passwords, I only need to remember my main login for one password, and it automatically populates all of my logins. It's clean, simple, and works across all of my devices, saving me a ton of time because best practices today dictate that you use a different login and password for all of your online assets in order to be safe and secure. But good luck remembering them all. So now, instead of constantly hitting forgot password and going through the process again, I just log in with one password. Alternatives would be

Bitwarden and Dashlane Business.

Neil Pattels UberSuggest

A powerful marketing tool that every solo marketer or entrepreneur needs to start ranking higher in search engines. I use it for auditing my own site, as well as those of my clients and, on occasion, my students, in order to identify areas where we can improve our rankings. The point is that if you're going to create content, you should optimize it for search engines. Of course, doing so manually is nearly impossible. So the ranking assists in automating this and providing everything that you require.

need to optimize, improve, and track your rankings, all from a single, simple dashboard There isn't much else to say about this one. It's excellent, especially for the price, if you want a comprehensive A to Z overhaul, a complete SEO strategy that leaves no stone unturned. The next tool for you is a small tool called Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest is a comprehensive checklist and guide that allows you to quickly and easily optimize any website. One of my go-to resources when I'm training a new search engine or trying to show someone what they need to do and all the steps they need to take in order to rank is Ubersuggest.


So, with the exception of Steve, this next tool has been adopted by almost every single person to whom I've recommended it. What's up, Steve? Why do you have to be like that? The tool I'm referring to is loom, which is a powerful recording device that allows you to record your webcam, screen share, and microphone.

Everything in one. I use loom to stay in touch with clients and customers while providing a more personalized touch. I also use it to quickly document S. O. P. or standard operating procedures in my business, as well as communicate with contractors to help them understand what I'm looking for.


The next tool, Invideo, is critical for your digital marketing campaign. This same tool uploads videos, edits them, adds pictures to them, converts text to video, and uses your audio content to make some cool YouTube videos. It essentially contains everything you require to create YouTube videos. It has Istock premium photos and Bing photos where you can get up to 120 pictures and videos per month, as well as a free version where you can use some of the free stuff they have going on with different fonts, animations, and graphics for your video edits.

Of course, all of the world's best tools. It won't matter if you don't start with a solid digital marketing strategy, so send me a direct message on social media or click the link to schedule a call with us today!

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