Marketing Without Marketing

5 ways to market your business and generate intense sales income without spending a dime on Ads.

There are a lot of great ways to market your business, but some are too expensive or take too long to work. Up to six months can pass before S. E. O. gives you results, even though it will pay off in the end. You might not have a lot of time for paid ads. With all your other costs, you just might not have enough money to pay for them, especially when you're just starting out. So, we're going to tell you five ways to boost sales quickly. These tips will help you promote your business and increase sales without spending money on ads.

1.) Affiliate Marketing

Make an affiliate program for HotMart, ClickBank, and JV Zoo. There are many affiliate platforms, and this is how they work. You can sign up for any of these platforms, and you can choose any that has an audience for your industry, which a lot of them do. Then, they'll tell you to upload your products or services and tell them how much you're willing to pay per sale or per lead.

And you can say, "Okay, every time someone brings me a sale, I'm going to pay them $25.50 to $500.00." Now it's up to you. You want to be competitive if you want to look at what your other competitors in your space offer. But in most cases, you'll give less than what it cost you. Right? So, let me explain what I mean. If you sell something for $100 and make a $80 profit on it.

You don't want to give $80 to someone else. That would leave you with nothing. You could give the affiliate $30 or $40, which is better than nothing. Affiliates go out and market your products and services, and you only pay them when they bring you sales. They take the risk. They only get paid if someone buys something.

2). Commenting

One more thing you can do is leave comments and answers on the web. When I first got started in marketing, I spent some time a day helping people who needed it.  I went to all the blogs, once even a competitor's, and left comments to help people when they asked a question in a comment.

You're wondering why. Most website owners don't respond to comments anymore, so it's even easier because there are social sites like Twitter and Facebook groups where you can help people by responding on their channels. But it shows that you're helpful over time. You know a lot. You know what you're talking about, and it helps customers make decisions.

3.) Create a Youtube Channel

Videos on Youtube. Look, after Google, YouTube is the second most popular marketing channel. Here's how to get instant traction from YouTube. Make sure that any video you make is at least five minutes long and, ideally, up to ten minutes. You should use those words in your video. Say I say S E O. YouTube would add notes about S.E.O. to my video.  

Uploading an SRT file, transcribing your video, and putting your keywords in the title and meta description also helps in ranking higher. Here's the real trick, though.

See The way YouTube's algorithm works is the opposite of how google's algorithm works. SEO is steady and slow. And YouTube takes a long time. If your video does well in the first 24 hours, it can go to the top of the rankings for almost any keyword right away.

So, in the first 24 hours, you would send out push notifications, email blasts, and social media posts promoting the YouTube link. This makes the video do much better in the first 24 hours, which gives your video a higher ranking on YouTube in the long run.

4.) Networking

Strategize for running webinars, boot camps, and workshops all at the same time

We just did a workshop with a coach who teaches people about equities, and every time we do this, we get at least a couple of new customers. And the way it works is that you talk to other people in your industry who have similar customers but are not your direct competitors, like a stock market coach who teaches investment.

They don't offer digital marketing services or paid ad management services to customers so that we can sell something else. And we would put on a workshop together that both of us would promote to our audiences. When we get our audiences in there, some of them become customers for us, and then we get to talk to the coaches' audiences, which could also be interested in paying for our services, right? I do it all the time because it works and brings in sales. I wouldn't do them if they didn't work.

4.) Podcast

Another kind of marketing that does not involve advertisements is podcasting. Therefore, the first thing you should do is search for podcasters who are active in your field. For instance, while I was managing the campaign for one of my clients, we reached out to two hundred individuals who fit inside his niche, which focuses on business and inspiration.

After getting in touch with about 200 podcasters, we were able to talk on 87 podcast shows and present my client in front of the appropriate audience without paying a single penny on advertisements. My client was able to generate traction and conversions for his firm as a result of our work together.

Because the world of podcasts is so segmented if you have a solution to a specific problem, one of the quickest places to find people who have a specific problem for which you have a solution would be through podcast shows. This is because the world of podcasts has become increasingly specialized.

If you want to reach a large number of people, YouTube and other video-sharing websites are a fantastic option; however, podcasts and audio-only websites are more effective if you want to reach a smaller but more targeted audience.

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