5 Ways to Lose a Prospecting Clientele in 2022 Digital Marketing

Updated: Aug 15

Below are five ways most businesses lose clientele.


For those who absolutely hate getting clientele and want to lose any prospecting clients in Digital Marketing, here are five ways to speed the process

1)No Website Event Tracker

Businesses might just think that after designing and making the website beautiful that's it. Well, I have noticed most businesses leave a lot of opportunities on the table by not setting up a website event tracker before running paid ads to receive traffic to their website. If running Google ads use Google Tag Manager and if running Facebook, Tiktok or Snapchat ads use their pixels.

2) No Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


In 2022 your CRM has to be "on point". You must have every data on each client uploaded to a cloud system where you can categorize each funnel stage your potential clients are presently. Use real-time to actively to reply chat on websites, questions asked through the "contact us" page, and create a separate email automation list for each prospecting category.

3)Poor Content Creation

Poor content never has an angle to their story. I hear people say the market is saturated. How can the market be saturated? Well, the market is only saturated for those businesses trying to reach their prospects the same way, same language, same persona, same everything. The market is never saturated once you find your angle.

4) Don't Practice Retargeting

This factor here "retargeting" has been seriously under-rated. I got most of my cheapest and easiest CPAs from retargeting campaigns. Most businesses are so focused on the next new clients they forget about the previous clients who had been sold were skeptical and needed a little pushing.

5) Talks More, Listen Less


Here I am, your helpless clientele in need of your services. Here I am trying to pour out where it hurts. But you are too eager to make a close, too eager to be of service and make that perfect offer. You should be able to construct your offer around solving the problem your clients have, then place a price around the value.

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