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Updated: Aug 5

What is Digital Marketing and How To Use It?

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, often known as online marketing, comprises any marketing activities carried out via the internet. Businesses communicate with current and prospective customers using digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites. Text and multimedia communications are also supported means of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is defined as the use of various digital methods and platforms to communicate with clients where they spend the bulk of their time: online. The best digital marketers understand how each digital marketing campaign adds to the achievement of their overall objectives. Marketers can also use free and paid media to assist a larger campaign, depending on the goals of their marketing plan.

Content marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click social media marketing, email marketing, and affiliate marketing are all examples of digital marketing.

To assist you in better understanding these topics. Meet Chris, who created a digital marketing campaign for a retail website.

First, Chris developed material such as blogs, infographics, videos, and case studies to pique the audience's interest in the brand's services and goods. This is content marketing.

He then required his audience to view his content. He developed material based on particular search terms relevant to the intended audience. He would perform optimizations and have amazing content connecting back to the website. The website began ranking on the first page of search engine results through continual optimizations.

Chris would continue to enhance the ranking and eventually make the site rank first. This was done through search engine optimization. Next, he might use adverts to generate visitors to the website, paying each time the ad was clicked. He could use text ads, picture ads, video ads that appear on websites, and much more. This is known as PPC (pay per click).

Chris would use social media tools to reach a broader audience. He would promote the brand's content on social media channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and Twitter. He would utilize the platforms to promote the brand's products or services using posts, videos, photographs, and other media in order to tell the brand's narrative and engage its audience. He might utilize these platforms, similar to PPC, for video and image advertising, which would be paid advertisements. This is known as social media marketing.

Chris observed that a substantial portion of the audience was not returning to the website.

He needed to keep them interested and nurture them in order for them to become customers. He sent them emails and SMS messages about his products and services and helped them comprehend and purchase them. And starts a subscription-based business to keep providing value to customers on a monthly or weekly basis.

That is email and text message marketing.

This is the start of the road to success.

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